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Continuum Insights

5 Considerations For Open Enrollment Planning

For many employees fall season is open enrollment season. Open enrollment season is a crucial time for employees, as it offers the opportunity to review and select benefits that will impact their health, finances, and overall well-being for the coming year. Making informed decisions during this period can lead to significant benefits down the road.

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Expanding the Definition of Wealth

While wealth in money is certainly important, I have found that true wealth goes beyond money. I think there are three additional sources of wealth that lead to a fulfilled life: relationships, purpose, and health. I wanted to explore those additional areas and how they can lead to a fulfilling life.

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Millionaire Athletes - They're Just Like Us

If you read through the comment section of any article discussing Saquon Barkley’s contract situation, you will find many people sympathizing with him. On the surface, it seems ridiculous for people to have these types of feelings, but we are all human beings, and we feel a connection to another’s plight, regardless of status. I’m always looking for practical applications of things, so read on to see how we can learn from his circumstances.

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Replacing Your Paycheck in Retirement

Paydays are special. Whether it is every other week, twice a month, or weekly, we all have that day circled on our mental calendars. Then retirement happens, and everything changes. One of the most significant challenges that retirees face is determining how much money to withdraw from their savings each year while ensuring that they do not run out of money. In this article, we will look at different options for retirees that need to replace their income.

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How to Protect Your Data

After one or two sentences an internal alarm (God Bless it) shouted “Hey JT, focus up, I sense danger.” I quickly realized that this was not a legitimate phone call and I was being scammed. Fortunately, I realized this before giving any pertinent information, but it so easily could have been me.

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