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Continuum Insights

Replacing Your Paycheck in Retirement  Thumbnail

Replacing Your Paycheck in Retirement

Paydays are special. Whether it is every other week, twice a month, or weekly, we all have that day circled on our mental calendars. Then retirement happens, and everything changes. One of the most significant challenges that retirees face is determining how much money to withdraw from their savings each year while ensuring that they do not run out of money. In this article, we will look at different options for retirees that need to replace their income.

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How to Protect Your Data Thumbnail

How to Protect Your Data

After one or two sentences an internal alarm (God Bless it) shouted “Hey JT, focus up, I sense danger.” I quickly realized that this was not a legitimate phone call and I was being scammed. Fortunately, I realized this before giving any pertinent information, but it so easily could have been me.

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Good Financial Advice is for More People Than You Think Thumbnail

Good Financial Advice is for More People Than You Think

The basic premise of financial planning is to create a roadmap for your financial future, which includes setting goals, identifying risks and opportunities, and creating a plan of action to help you achieve your objectives. It's about making the most of your income, managing your expenses, and building wealth over time. These are all tasks that sound easy, but many times it’s these priorities that we push to the side because we’re too busy or we feel that since it’s long-term planning, it can wait. The saying “time waits for no one” comes to mind with this thought process. It’s never too early nor too late to address this.

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How I Analyze the Stock Market Thumbnail

How I Analyze the Stock Market

At its core, TA is the study of supply and demand as expressed through price. Without needing to take an Econ 101 course, most people understand the basic idea of supply and demand. Where supply and demand meet, we arrive at what price gets paid at that moment in time for a stock, bond, commodity, etc. There are humans on both sides of the transaction, so the study of price also incorporates a lot of human behavior tendencies.

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