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70s and Beyond:
Golden Years

Buckets of Money in Retirement Podcast Episode

JT and David discuss strategies for creating income in retirement. One discussion point is the buckets of money approach to allocating your retirement account into specific buckets designed to accomplish certain goals.

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Top 5 Issues for Recent Retirees to Consider Podcast Episode

JT and David discuss the top 5 issues for recent retirees to consider. They include: 1) Shift in mindset: Taking distributions from a portfolio is very different from making contributions. 2) Income to match your desired lifestyle: Ensure anticipated income will match the spending necessary to match the desired lifestyle. 3) Investment Allocation: Investing in retirement is different from investing for retirement. 4) Plan for a medical event: No one likes to think about it but there should be a plan in place for a major medical event. 5) Transfer of Assets: How do you want your assets transferred and when? The golden years are the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Take time to address the 5 planning issues discussed.

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