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60s: Preparation and Transition into Retirement

The Bold Strategy of Pension Max: Boom or Bust for Retirees

In this episode David Rath and JT Cox discuss different pension options available to individuals with a pension, specifically the strategy of pension max: -What is it? -How does it work? -Considerations when thinking about whether it makes sense for you. -Pros and cons of the strategy And more!

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Strategies for Social Security Podcast Episode

In this episode David Rath and JT Cox discuss Social Security. Learn about -The first person to claim Social Security -Limits for how much you can earn while collecting Social Security -Strategies couples may consider

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Top 5 Issues to Consider When Retiring Podcast Episode

JT and David discuss the top 5 issues to consider before retirement. They include: -Cash flow: How much will you need? -Income: Where will your money be coming from? -Health Insurance: What will you and your family do for health insurance? -Investment Management in retirement: will you change how you are invested in retirement? -Tax Planning in retirement: Factors to consider when accounting for taxes in retirement.

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A Guide to Medicare Enrollment

As individuals turn 65 one of the primary decisions they will need to make involves medical insurance, and whether they will need to enroll in Medicare. This decision is critical as a mistake can have a significant impact on the cost of your care in the future.

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