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Planning Approach

As a fee-based Registered Investment Advisor, Continuum Wealth Advisors, LLC provides a variety of unbiased investment solutions. Our “save first, invest second” methodology serves as the basis for a solid investment approach.

Discuss | Plan | Solve

Not just a tagline; it’s a process.


The most crucial component of any financial plan is to Discuss the investment objectives.  This process includes understanding and outlining short and long-term goals, investment risk tolerance and time horizon.


With a clear understanding of a client's objectives, a custom Plan is formulated, including a portfolio of suitable, quality investments.  Where appropriate, insurance can be incorporated into the plan, as well.


Once  implemented, disciplined monitoring and regular portfolio reviews allow us to adjust the portfolio to account for market shifts, as well as the client’s changing priorities.  The suitability and flexibility of a plan helps to Solve the client's needs.