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Integrated Solutions

Investment Management

In light of today's global economy, achieving financial success can be a complex and confusing process, even for the most experienced investors. Continuum Wealth Advisors, LLC provides the necessary tools, personalized services, and expertise to help you develop a well-coordinated investment management plan that goes beyond a one dimensional strategy.

Our objective is to design a plan to help protect and increase your wealth, balancing both your short and long-term needs. Your portfolio is designed to be flexible, and as your portfolio evolves, we are continually monitoring its effectiveness and appropriateness.

Insurance Planning

At Continuum, we have expertise in the three areas of insurance that can protect and preserve your wealth: life insurance, disability insurance, and long term care insurance. We have particular expertise in the use of life insurance for tax and business planning.  Life insurance enjoys special tax benefits under the Internal Revenue Code that makes it an effective tool not only for protecting your family, but also for achieving lifetime goals. It can serve as its own asset class and as a compelling means of creating a secure retirement. 

At Continuum, we utilize life insurance as part of an effective estate and retirement plan. We advise you in making the right choices about the best type of life insurance, along with the appropriate level of coverage, for your specific circumstances. We also work closely with you during the underwriting process, in order to obtain the best rating, which in turn provides the lowest possible premium. As a Registered Independent Advisor (RIA), we are not tethered to any carrier, so we can negotiate among all of the top carriers to get the most competitive rate.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is highly personal. While we use the tax advantages of life insurance to protect, transfer and leverage funds from our clients’ taxable estates to create tax-free assets, it is our ability to fully understand each client’s circumstances and personal wishes that is our most valuable asset. As a result, we are able to design alternatives to meet their personal objectives, preserve more of the family’s estate, and significantly reduce their tax burden. If needed, we will also work in accordance with a client’s existing legal and/or accounting professionals to confirm uniformity across the entire financial landscape.

Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans

Continuum Wealth Advisors, LLC serves as a trusted advisor to employers, providing advice and consulting services for all types of retirement plans. We offer a comprehensive approach to managing your retirement plan and assist you, as the employer, to satisfy your fiduciary responsibilities as a plan sponsor. These services include:

Investment Reviews

  • Establish an investment committee.
  • Secure an Investment Policy Statement.
  • Lead routine investment review meetings.
  • Detailed fund analysis and recommendations.
  • Review of fund managers.

Cost Analysis

  • Recordkeeper, TPA, and custodian cost comparisons.
  • Educate employer on, “Who is paying what?”

Provider Selection

  • Define employer’s requirements and desired plan features.
  • Advice on various platforms (e.g. bundled vs. unbundled).

Employee Education

  • Group education sessions.
  • One-on-one meetings.
  • Continual access to financial professionals.